Grade 3 Accelerated Mathematics   (#5012055)

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In grade 3 accelerated, instructional time will emphasize five areas: (1) extending understanding of place value in multi-digit whole numbers; (2) adding and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers, including using a standard algorithm; (3) building an understanding of multiplication and division, the relationship between them and the connection to area of rectangles; (4) developing an understanding of fractions and (5) extending geometric reasoning to lines, angles and attributes of quadrilaterals.

Curricular content for all subjects must integrate critical-thinking, problem-solving, and workforce-literacy skills; communication, reading, and writing skills; mathematics skills; collaboration skills; contextual and applied-learning skills; technology-literacy skills; information and media-literacy skills; and civic-engagement skills.

General Notes

Honors and Accelerated Level Course Note: Accelerated courses require a greater demand on students through increased academic rigor.  Academic rigor is obtained through the application, analysis, evaluation, and creation of complex ideas that are often abstract and multi-faceted.  Students are challenged to think and collaborate critically on the content they are learning. Honors level rigor will be achieved by increasing text complexity through text selection, focus on high-level qualitative measures, and complexity of task. Instruction will be structured to give students a deeper understanding of conceptual themes and organization within and across disciplines. Academic rigor is more than simply assigning to students a greater quantity of work.

English Language Development ELD Standards Special Notes Section:

Teachers are required to provide listening, speaking, reading and writing instruction that allows English language learners (ELL) to communicate information, ideas and concepts for academic success in the content area of Mathematics. For the given level of English language proficiency and with visual, graphic, or interactive support, students will interact with grade level words, expressions, sentences and discourse to process or produce language necessary for academic success. The ELD standard should specify a relevant content area concept or topic of study chosen by curriculum developers and teachers which maximizes an ELL’s need for communication and social skills. To access an ELL supporting document which delineates performance definitions and descriptors, please click on the following link:

General Information

Course Number: 5012055
Course Path:
Abbreviated Title: GR 3 ACCEL MATH
Course Length: Year (Y)
Course Attributes:
  • Class Size Core Required
Course Type: Core Academic Course
Course Level: 3
Course Status: State Board Approved

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The following instructional materials have been adopted by the State of Florida as an option for this course.
enVision Florida B.E.S.T. Mathematics Grade 3 Accelerated
Author: R. Charles, et al - Company: Savvas Learning Company LLC, formerly known as Pearson K12 Learning LLC. - Edition: 1 - Copyright: 2023
Florida Reveal Math, Grade 3 Accelerated
Author: Linda Gojak, M.Ed.; Annie Fetter, B.A.; Susie Katt, Ed.D.; Georgina Rivera, M.Ed.; John SanGiovanni, M.Ed.; Raj Shah, Ph.D.; Nicki Newton, Ed.D.; Cheryl Tobey M.Ed.; Ralph Connelly, Ph.D.; Ruth Harbin Miles, Ed.S.; Jeff Shih, Ph.D.; Dinah Zike, M.Ed.; Sharon Griffin, Ph.D. - Company: McGraw Hill LLC - Edition: 1 - Copyright: 2023
STEMscopes Florida Math
Author: Dr. Jarrett Reid Whitaker - Company: Accelerate Learning - Edition: First Edition - Copyright: 2022

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