CPALMS Perspectives Videos

The CPALMS Perspectives initiative provides standards-aligned short (~5-min.) video resources highlighting experiences and thoughts regarding math and science from experts, teachers, professionals, and skilled enthusiasts. These brief videos may be useful for understanding technical content, learning new approaches to teaching, and for highlighting the appearance of science and mathematics concepts in practical, real-world situations. This initiative is focused on K-12 education standards from the mathematics and science standards. There are three types of videos:

Content Expert

Expert videos primarily feature deep knowledge gained through years of academic study. The primary goal of these videos are to provide quick and in-depth knowledge about the math or science related to the standard.


Teacher videos feature lesson plans or ideas that can be implemented in a K-12 classroom. The primary goal of these videos are to provide effective and creative teaching ideas related to the standard.


Professional and Enthusiast videos both feature practical applications of mathematics and science outside of academia. The primary goal of these videos are to demonstrate application examples of the knowledge gained in these standards.


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CPALMS Perspectives Videos - General | CPALMS Perspectives Videos for Algebra | CPALMS Perspectives Videos for Cell Biology | CPALMS Perspectives Videos for Diversity and Ecology | CPALMS Perspectives Videos for Earth Systems and Climate | CPALMS Perspectives Videos for Geometry | CPALMS Perspectives Videos for Physical Science | CPALMS Perspectives Videos - STEAM Collection | CPALMS Perspectives Videos - Florida Geological Survey | Perspective Videos: Math Teaching Ideas

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