CPALMS Partnership Programs

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Champions Network

The iCPALMS Champions program created a network of expert CPALMS and iCPALMS trainers that serve their local schools and districts on implementing and using the platform and tools.

CPALMS Internship Program

Internship Program

CPALMS is built by educators, for educators. We include educators in all the initiatives and development of the platform and tools. Based on current projects, we always include educators in different initiatives we have. Most of the time, these programs take place in the summer.

Tseacher Preparation Programs Icon

Preparation Programs

CPALMS is committed to include educators during the different career stages including their pre-service stage. We developed a special program for schools of teacher education. Now pre-service teachers can use CPALMS resources and tools.

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Partnerships Program

Does your district develop lesson plans, units, and other resources for the classrooms within the district? Now you can use CPALMS to build your collection to share with your teachers and other educators around the state/world. CPALMS provide you a cloud-based solution to build your resources, review them by peer teachers and subject area experts, and share them with everyone. Let us build you a collection! CPALMS constantly collaborate with districts across the state on different projects and initiatives whether it is professional development, resource development, curriculum planning, and other areas.Contact us for more information.

Grantees Partnership Program icon

Partnership Program

Do you have a contract or grant to build an educational program for supporting teachers or teaching? CPALMS can be the perfect platform that provides tools and other means to assist you with reaching your goals. You can get access to tools and even have your own website in no time. Contact us for more information.

Research and Educational Outreach icon

Research &
Educational Outreach

Do you have a research grant or plan to submit a proposal to a program where educational outreach is a requirement? CPALMS can be the platform that provides you the tools and help you disseminate to reach thousands of educators. Contact us for more information.

Profit and Non-Profit Organizations icon

Profit & Non-Profit

Are you an organization that supports educators and education? CPALMS provides you many ways and programs to contribute towards this goal. Do you have learning resources? Now you can contribute them to CPALMS and share them with all the educators using this system while you continue to get all the credit. Contact us for more information.

Sponsored Competitions and Events icon

Competitions & Events

CPALMS has sponsored and continue to do so as many different student or teacher competitions around the state. We love to do more so please contact us if you can help sponsoring an event.