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iCPALMS is a free web 2.0 platform with embedded web apps, services, content, and professional development that together help bridge standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment through collaboration and customization by individual users. It is a web system with a user-centric design that enables individuals to customize the layout, design, and web apps within different tabs in the interface. The iCPALMS web apps are software applications custom built for assisting K-12 educators and include many important processes and functions (e.g., lesson study, curriculum planning, etc.).

iCPALMS is designed to become a one-stop-shop for teacher resources and applications. Users simply choose preferred apps and input personal settings, and the system processes this information to deliver individualized, relevant updates and information directly to the user.

This platform is designed for growth and expansion. Many new web and mobile apps will be integrated with iCPALMS in the upcoming months.



Current iCPALMS Apps