Mathematics Formative Assessment System (MFAS)

The system includes tasks or problems that teachers can implement with their students, and rubrics that help the teacher interpret students' responses. Teachers using MFAS ask students to perform mathematical tasks, explain their reasoning, and justify their solutions. Rubrics for interpreting and evaluating student responses are included so that teachers can differentiate instruction based on students' strategies instead of relying solely on correct or incorrect answers. The objective is to understand student thinking so that teaching can be adapted to improve student achievement of mathematical goals related to the standards. Like all formative assessment, MFAS is a process rather than a test. Research suggests that well-designed and implemented formative assessment is an effective strategy for enhancing student learning. Please see below a list of available and under development components:

Available MFAS Components

The following are the available Resource from the Mathematics Formative Assessment System (MFAS):