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Calendar app

The iCPALMS Calendar app rivals any calendar in functionality but what differentiate it is that it integrates with the other iCPALMS apps. The curriculum map that you create in the planner and CMAP is automatically synchronized with the calendar. You are able to see events in different colors to distinguish one class from another. Once the CMAP is connected to the calendar, any change you make in the CMAP is reflected in your calendar. Find out what topic, benchmark or standard, resources, and other notes that you have planned for a particular session right from your calendar. In addition, your calendar can provide you with additional ideas and recommendations for your session by showing you resources that have been published after you created the CMAP. You can add multiple calendars in iCPALMS or display the same one in multiple tabs. The calendar app also integrates with the Lesson Study Support System app or any other future app that includes a schedule of some sort.

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