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Notifications app

May be one of the most helpful apps is the the Notifications app. This iCPALMS app builds is fully customized to your needs and interest. The Notifications app displays the latest 50 resources and professional development programs that match your interests and plans. It provides you a summary of what is new for you on CPALMS and iCPALMS. In addition to the list on iCPALMS, this app can also communicate the notifications using different delivery mechanisms (e.g., Email) and according to the frequency that you choose. Imagine that you can get an email everytime a new resource, that matches your interests, is published on CPALMS. You can change the setting to receive a daily or a weekly summary instead of immediately. iCPALMS also allows you to receive notifications using a custom RSS feed and/or a resource widget that you can embed on any webpage. Start using the notifications and iCPALMS will do the work for you and keep you posted on all new resources/ideas to use in the classroom.

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