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RSS Reader app

The RSS reader app enables the user to bring in news and updates from other websites into their own iCPALMS protal. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndicate. Many websites offer RSS feeds for users to use so they are updated with what that website has in new information. these websites usually designate that feed with the RSS icon such as the one showing in the icon of this app. Here is a practical example of the use of RSS feeds: NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) puts out an RSS feed for all math teachers to be informed about new articles, events, articles, and resources that NCTM produces on their website. You can sign up to get this feed using any RSS reader, your browser, or even your email editor (e.g., Microsoft Outlook). iCPALMS provides you this RSS Reader app that allows you to get feeds from NCTM or any other website directly in your iCPALMS account. You can add many RSS readers and subscribe to unlimited number of feeds. News and media websites usually have RSS feeds enabling you to integrate top news stories right within your account on iCPALMS.

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