Observe and practice appropriate alignment of the torso, arms, and legs in a given dance sequence, using assisted correction, allegory, and/or imagery to support understanding and successful repetition.


e.g., "spine is like a string of pearls"
General Information
Subject Area: Dance
Grade: 4
Big Idea: Skills, Techniques, and Processes
Status: State Board Approved

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5003050: Dance-Intermediate 2 (Specifically in versions: 2014 - 2015, 2015 - 2022, 2022 and beyond (current))

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Alternate version of this benchmark for students with significant cognitive disabilities.
DA.4.S.3.In.0: Practice given movements to show coordination between body parts.
DA.4.S.3.Pa.0: Imitate a sequence of two or more movements related to dance.
DA.4.S.3.Su.0: Demonstrate the safe practice of dance skills and techniques.

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Text Resource

List of 1996 State Approved Standards in Elementary Dance Educationth Grade Dance Skill and Techniques:

This list shows the key dance skills and techniques that should be learned in a 4th grade dance classroom. The standards listed on the document were approved in 1996, and are helpful in understanding the evolution of state dance education standards.  Educators seeking current standards should access http://www.cpalms.org

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