Recognize that the Sun appears large and bright because it is the closest star to Earth.
General Information
Subject Area: Science
Grade: 3
Body of Knowledge: Earth and Space Science
Idea: Level 3: Strategic Thinking & Complex Reasoning
Big Idea: Earth in Space and Time - Humans continue to explore Earth's place in space. Gravity and energy influence the formation of galaxies, including our own Milky Way Galaxy, stars, the Solar System, and Earth. Humankind's need to explore continues to lead to the development of knowledge and understanding of our Solar System.
Date Adopted or Revised: 02/08
Date of Last Rating: 05/08
Status: State Board Approved
Assessed: Yes

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Alternate version of this benchmark for students with significant cognitive disabilities.
SC.3.E.5.Pa.2: Recognize that the Sun is bright.
SC.3.E.5.In.3: Recognize that the Sun is the closest star to Earth.
SC.3.E.5.Su.3: Recognize that the Sun is a star.

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Lesson Plans

Our Super Star:

Our star, the Sun, is an ordinary star. It is not particularly special compared to other stars in the universe; however, it is crucially important to us. As the massive energy source at the center of our solar system, the Sun is responsible for Earth's climate, weather, and life. In this lesson, students use observations, activities, and videos to learn basic facts about the Sun. Students also model the mechanics of day and night and use solar energy to make a tasty treat.

Type: Lesson Plan


What is the sun? Why does the sun appear to be so big from Earth? These questions along with others will quench your inquisitive thirst. This lesson is intended to make students think critically while using real world literature. In addition to new gained knowledge, students will be challenged to work cooperatively with their peers and apply their knowledge through expository writing.

Type: Lesson Plan

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