Identify examples in which artists have created works based on cultural and life experiences.
General Information
Subject Area: Visual Art
Grade: 2
Big Idea: Historical and Global Connections
Status: State Board Approved

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Alternate version of this benchmark for students with significant cognitive disabilities.
VA.2.H.1.In.a: Recognize similar themes in visual art from a variety of cultures and times.
VA.2.H.1.Pa.a: Explore visual art from a variety of cultures and times.
VA.2.H.1.Su.a: Recognize that visual art communicates information about culture or times.

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Lesson Plans


The Students will learn what a landscape is and the 3 different areas in “space”(foreground, midground & background). They will paint their own landscape inspired by the Florida 'highwaymen” paintings. Students will also learn about the Afro-American group of artists from Florida that used to sell their paintings on the Florida highways during segregation time. This lesson will relate to the civics benchmark because students will learn that the Constitution is how the U.S. Government protects the liberty and equal rights of the American citizens. Students will learn that the U.S. made changes to the Constitution to make it better and to protect all citizens' rights.

Type: Lesson Plan

Endangered in the Everglades:

The teacher will introduce the idea of symbols and show students images of the Everglades National Park, recognizing this as a symbol of Florida. Students will discuss Sam Vinikoff’s artwork and how he documents life experiences and the world around him to inspire them to create a plan for a watercolor painting, focusing specifically on a species on the Threatened and Endangered Species list, in this integrated lesson plan.


Type: Lesson Plan

Art Through The Eye Of Music:

In this lesson, students will listen to music and paint or draw the feelings and emotions that the music conveys. Students will also demonstrate knowledge and understanding of color. Students will also learn that an artist's inspiration can come from many resources, including music. Students will create an abstract work of art based upon music that is a personal interpretation.

Type: Lesson Plan

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