Standard 2: Understand physical and cultural characteristics of places.

General Information
Number: SS.6.G.2
Title: Understand physical and cultural characteristics of places.
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 6
Strand: Geography

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Access Points

Identify the impact of physical characteristics, climate, or natural resources upon the settlement and economies of ancient civilizations.
Identify different ways civilizations defined their territory, such as countries, city-states, provinces, kingdoms, and empires.
Identify how the development of ancient river valley civilizations was shaped by the geography and proximity of the river.
Identify ways the geographical location of ancient civilizations contributed to the culture, economy, and politics.
Explain how geographic boundaries such as rivers, deserts, and mountains invite or limit interactions with other regions and cultures.
Define cultural diffusion and identify the influences of different ancient cultures on one another.
Identify distribution of population in the ancient world on a map.

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Lesson Plans

The Influence of Ancient Greece:

In this lesson plan, students will analyze the influences of democratic concepts developed in ancient Greece on America’s modern constitutional republic while completing guided notes that accompany a teacher-presented slideshow. A worksheet and assessment quiz give students opportunities to show what they have learned.

Type: Lesson Plan

Two Faces of Greece: Athens and Sparta:

During the 5th century BC, Greece was dominated by two main powers: democratic Athens and the military oligarchy of Sparta. Using comparative tables of data, students investigate the differences and similarities between democratic Athens and the military aristocracy of Sparta.

Type: Lesson Plan

Exploring Ancient Greece with Play Dough Mountains:

Through this lesson, students will use play dough to create a relief map of Greece. Through personal investigation and class discussion, they will draw conclusions about the impact of the geography of Greece on daily life and culture in Ancient Greece. Graphic organizers and a recipe for homemade play dough are provided.

Type: Lesson Plan

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