Standard 2: Historical Knowledge

General Information
Number: SS.2.A.2
Title: Historical Knowledge
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 2
Strand: American History

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Access Points

Identify early Native Americans.
Identify practices of Native American tribes, such as clothing, housing, and food.
Recognize the positive and negative impacts of immigrants on the Native Americans.
Identify ways people living in colonial America changed their daily lives over time.
Recognize reasons why people came to the United States.
Recognize Ellis Island as an immigration entry point to the United States from 1892-1954.
Recognize reasons why people move to the United States today.
Identify the influences of immigrants today.

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Lesson Plans

Florida's History and Geography :

Students will use a self-guided reference presentation to complete a mapping activity of Florida and learn about its early history. 

Type: Lesson Plan

The Statue of Liberty as a Symbol of the U.S.:

The purpose of this lesson is for the students to recognize the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of freedom to the immigrants as they entered Ellis Island from 1892-1954.

Type: Lesson Plan

Florida's History :

Introduce students to Florida's History. In a student-guided/self-paced presentation, students will learn about the influence of Majroie Stoneman Douglas and Andrew Jackson. 

Type: Lesson Plan

Coming to America: Central Idea and Relevant Details:

Students will learn to identify central idea and relevant details while learning about immigration in the early 1900s. After reading informational texts about immigration, students will write an expository paragraph about why immigrants came to America.

Type: Lesson Plan

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