Standard 1: Beginning Economics

General Information
Number: SS.K.E.1
Title: Beginning Economics
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: K
Strand: Economics

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This cluster includes the following access points.

Access Points

Identify school and community workers.
Recognize an example of money.
Recognize that people use money to buy things.
Recognize basic needs.

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Lesson Plans

Making Group Decisions:

The purpose of this lesson is for students to recognize that people work to earn money to buy things they need or want.  Earning money often results in decision-making. Students will describe ways for groups to make responsible decisions, including voting, taking turns, class meetings, and discussions.

Type: Lesson Plan

Who Has the Power?:

The purpose of this lesson is for students to identify people who have the authority and power to make and enforce rules and laws, including parents, teachers, and police officers and describe the tools they use to do their jobs. The students will also analyze a primary source photograph of a 1925 police officer. The students will write about this topic using a scaffolded writing template.

Type: Lesson Plan

Taking Care of Business:

"Taking Care of Business" is a Kindergarten level lesson plan that allows students to investigate the world of jobs. In this lesson, the students will read Everybody Works by Shelley Rotner and Ken Kreisler. Then, the students will work together in small groups to show what they have learned. Your superstar students will understand more about jobs, job duties, and job settings by the end of this lesson.

Type: Lesson Plan

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