Standard 2: The impact of computing resources on local and global society

General Information
Number: SC.35.CS-PC.2
Title: The impact of computing resources on local and global society
Type: Standard
Subject: Science
Grade: 35
Body of Knowledge: Computer Science - Personal, Community, Global, and Ethical Impact

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Lesson Plans

The Cyber Bully Chronicles Comic, Part 4:

Students will create a fictional narrative describing how someone can positively react to being a witness of cyberbullying, in this lesson plan. Students will create a comic book style scenario using drawing or digital tools and then describe the character’s actions using narrative style writing.

Type: Lesson Plan

Coding Geometry Challenges #1-7, 14 & 15:

This set of geometry challenges focuses on creating a variety of polygons as students problem solve and think as they learn to code using block coding software.  Student will need to use their knowledge of the attributes of polygons and mathematical principals of geometry to accomplish the given challenges. The challenges start out fairly simple and move to more complex situations in which students can explore at their own pace or work as a team. Computer Science standards are seamlessly intertwined with the math standards while providing “Step it up!” and “Jump it up!” opportunities to increase rigor.




Type: Lesson Plan

Electric Energy & Temperature:

This lesson introduces how electrical devices transform electrical energy to thermal energy to alter the temperature of a substance resulting in the freezing, melting, or boiling of the substance. Each electrical device produces thermal energy as a byproduct that is conducted from a source like an electrical socket or battery; this lesson discusses how that energy is transferred while also comparing and contrasting the states of matter of different substances. 

This is lesson 1 in a Unit on Detecting Thermal & Electrical Energy. 

Type: Lesson Plan

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