Standard 6: Culture

The student will be able to use the target language to gain knowledge and demonstrate understanding of the relationship among practices, products, and perspectives of cultures other than his/her own.
General Information
Number: WL.K12.NH.6
Title: Culture
Type: Standard
Subject: World Languages
Grade: K12
Performance Level: Novice High

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Lesson Plan

Deaf Awareness Lesson 1 of 3:

In this integrated lesson, students will understand the concept of audism and legislation and supreme court decisions that have helped to combat this issue.  They will complete a jigsaw activity using digital research skills to further develop their understanding of legislation and court cases that have specifically impacted the civil rights of the Deaf community, particularly in regard to Deaf Education. Students will complete a graphic organizer.  This is the first lesson in a unit designed to allow students to understand how the civil rights and liberties of people who are d/Deaf and hard of hearing have expanded over time using digital resources.

Type: Lesson Plan

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