Standard 4: Presentational Speaking

The student will be able to present information, concepts, and ideas to an audience of listeners on a variety of topics in a culturally appropriate context in the target language.
General Information
Number: WL.K12.NM.4
Title: Presentational Speaking
Type: Standard
Subject: World Languages
Grade: K12
Performance Level: Novice Low/Mid

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Lesson Plan

Spain and Latin American Governments Flowchart:

This is lesson 2 in a Spanish, civics and coding integrated unit.  Students will reinforce their knowledge about flowcharts and identify the symbols used to represent algorithms in flowcharts (oval, rectangle, diamond, and arrow). They will research and organize relevant information to write short phrases in Spanish. Students will use symbols to make a flowchart that identifies the type of government of Spain and Latin American countries.


Type: Lesson Plan

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