Unique Skills: 9 - 12   (#7963130)

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General Notes

The purpose of this course is to enable students with disabilities to acquire and generalize skills they need to achieve annual goals based on assessed needs and the student's individual educational plan (IEP). It is structured around the domains addressed on the IEP: Social and Emotional, Independent Functioning, Curriculum and Learning, and Communication.

A student may repeat this course. The particular course requirements that the student should master each year must be specified on an individual basis and relate to achievement of annual goals on the student's IEP.

Delivery of this course is setting neutral (resource room, self-contained class, embedded instruction, elective course). Instructional activities involving practical applications of course requirements may occur in home, school, and community settings for the purpose of acquisition, practice, generalization, and maintenance of skills.

The course is designed to address a range of abilities within the population of students with disabilities. Course requirements may be added or removed based on student needs.

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Course Number: 7963130
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Abbreviated Title: U SKLS
Course Status: Course Approved

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