Physical Education - Grade 2   (#5015040)

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General Information

Course Number: 5015040
Course Path:
Abbreviated Title: PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2
Course Length: Year (Y)
Course Status: Course Approved
Grade Level(s): 2

Educator Certifications

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Student Resources

Vetted resources students can use to learn the concepts and skills in this course.

Original Student Tutorial

Beach Buddies: Even or Odd? :

Come explore even and odd numbers of objects and learn to determine if a group of objects has an even or odd number in this beach-themed, interactive tutorial.

Type: Original Student Tutorial

Problem-Solving Tasks

Red and Blue Tiles:

This task is specifically written so that students have opportunities to use different strategies to determine whether a set has an even or odd number of objects.

Type: Problem-Solving Task

Delayed Gratification:

The purpose of this task is for students to compare two options for a prize where the value of one is given $2 at a time, giving them an opportunity to "work with equal groups of objects to gain foundations for multiplication." This context also provides students with an introduction to the concept of delayed gratification, or resisting an immediate reward and waiting for a later reward, while working with money.

Type: Problem-Solving Task

Parent Resources

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