World Language Transfer 6-Second Year Additional Language   (#0702990)

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Each course transferred into a Florida public school by an out-of-state or non-public school student should be matched with a course title and number when such course provides substantially the same content. However, a few transfer courses may not be close enough in content to be matched. For those courses a subject area transfer number is provided.

For grades 9-12, in the area of world languages, eight transfer numbers are provided. The first number in world language (0700980) is to be used to report the first year of a language not listed in the CCD, such as Hungarian; the second world language number (0700990) is to be used to list a second year of the same language; the third world language number (0701980) to list the third year of the same language; and the fourth number (0701990), the fourth year of the same language. The additional four course numbers (0702980, 0702990, 0703980, 0703990) are provided for up to four credits in an additional world language.

General Information

Course Number: 0702990
Abbreviated Title: WORLD LANG TRANS 6
Course Length: Not Applicable
Course Type: Transfer Course
Course Status: State Board Approved
Grade Level(s): 9,10,11,12

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