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Special assignment designations have been developed to assist districts in reporting course data for students in short-term DJJ regional, community-based residential or day programs. In some cases, the student's schedule cannot be determined upon entering the program. Such programs may not offer all of the courses in each student's regular school schedule. Students placed in this designation do not receive credit.


In the assignment designation described above, districts may report the student as enrolled in "Temporary Instructional Placement" listed in the appropriate Grades PreK to 12 Education section. Districts using this designation must, to the fullest extent possible, either provide instruction in the student's regularly scheduled courses or provide an individualized developmental program which focuses on identified skill deficiencies in basic subject areas. This assignment designation must only be used up to 21 days and will not appear on student records and must only be used as a temporary means of placing students. Upon receipt of student records or other means of determining an appropriate program of study, students must be assigned to specific classes that will permit them to earn credit toward graduation or grade promotion.


As well as any certification requirements listed on the course description, the following qualifications may also be acceptable for the course:

Any field (any coverage, degreed or non-degreed).

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Course Number: 2500200
Abbreviated Title: M/J TEMP INSTR PL
Course Length: Not Applicable
Course Status: Course Approved

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