M/J Exploratory Spanish, Beginning   (#0708100)

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Course Standards

General Course Information and Notes

General Notes

The purpose of this course is to provide opportunities for improvement in student self-development through the study of Spanish language and culture. The content includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • exploration of basic principles of Spanish language;
  • cultural concepts related to the Spanish-speaking world, and
  • comparisons between the students' own language and culture and that of Spanish-speaking countries.

Major Concepts/Content:

M/J Exploratory Spanish introduces students to the target language and its culture. Students will learn beginning skills of listening and speaking and be introduced to basic skills in reading and writing in Spanish. Also, culture and comparisons are included in this one-semester course.

This course shall integrate the Goal 3 Student Performance Standards of the Florida System of School Improvement and Accountability, as appropriate to the content and processes of the subject matter. It also reflects and includes appropriate Florida Standards benchmarks.

The standards and benchmarks listed for this course are aligned with the expected levels of proficiency, rather than grade levels.

General Information

Course Number: 0708100
Course Path:
Abbreviated Title: M/J EXPLOR SPAN BEG
Course Length: Semester (S)
Course Type: Elective Course
Course Level: 2
Course Status: Course Approved
Grade Level(s): 6,7,8

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