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You can find resources in one of the following methods: Browse, Keyword Search or List All. Please select one of the methods to get started.

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Help Information

The site is built with maximum flexibility to allow you to perform several functions. The following is a description of each of the methods:

Browse: this method allows you to filter down from the subject area all the way to the benchmark level. This method allows you to view benchmarks only in one subject area at a time. As you select options, the displayed results will dynamically change to narrow down the list of benchmarks until you reach the last option and select a particular benchmark to display.

This method is best for:

  • Browsing the benchmarks with a certain focus on other criteria
  • Exporting one benchmark
  • Exporting all the benchmarks in a subject area, grade level, body of knowledge and standard/idea
  • This is the recommended default method.


Keyword Search: this method allows you to search for keywords or phrases of your choice. Along with specifying keywords, you are able to restrict your search within a certain subject area, grade level and a body of knowledge/strand. This method also allows you to choose your display options and group the results and sort them in different views.

This method is best for:

  • Searching for specific terms
  • Observing how one term is taught across different grade levels
  • Exporting results of a keyword search


List All: this method allows you to view all the benchmarks in the database to include all subject areas. It is a plain listing of benchmarks with the ability to arrange them differently using the "display options".

This method is best for:

  • Displaying and Exporting the entire list of benchmarks