MFAS Lesson Study Resource Kits

Lesson study toolkits are supports for teachers engaging in the process of lesson study. MFAS has produced 20 lesson study resource kits for grades K - 3, Algebra, and Geometry. All these resource kits are aligned to the domains of the mathematics standards. These resource kits are available on the website and interactively guide teachers through the stages of lesson study. Users will learn about each stage of lesson study as they are guided through its completion. The stages are:

  • Form a lesson study team and orient to the process of lesson study.
  • Negotiate and set student learning goals,
  • Examine research on teaching and learning related to mathematical standards that you will teach,
  • Plan a research lesson that will provide a window on student thinking,
  • Teach and observe the lesson,
  • Debrief the lesson by interpreting student data collected by your team; modify, reteach, and reflect on the lesson and the process, and
  • Report and share the results of your lesson study experience.

These resource kits are integrated with the Lesson Study Support System app within iCPALMS.

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