CPALMS Physical Science Unit Water - Grade 3

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Water: Beach Vacation

This Physical Science Unit on Water for grade three, allows teachers to combine multiple standards into a unit for students to explore the changes water undergoes when heat is added or removed. This themed unit provides SaM-1TV videos to introduce topics and challenges. The seventeen lessons incorporate Math and ELA standards to create an interdisciplinary approach to teaching science, while providing robust and rigorous science content. Students are provided with a variety of hands-on activities and labs to explore and reinforce skills. Students have the opportunity to plan, conduct a controlled experiment and use data as evidence. Every lesson includes possible station ideas to extend exploration and science skills. The unit includes Engineering Design Challenges and Model Eliciting Activities, MEAs, which allow the students to use their acquired skills from the unit in problem-based situations. For comprehensive STEM integration, the unit also includes computer science skills where students demonstration their understanding of science through flowcharting and simple block-coding. The unit also includes ideas for bulletin boards and the artwork needed to create interactive displays.


Unit Resources

Changes to Water
Computer Science and Coding
Model Eliciting Activity (MEA)
Engineering Design Challenge
Model Eliciting Activity (MEA)
Assessment and Other Supporting Materials