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Resource Widgets app

My Resource Widgets is a tool that benefits users by recommending and listing the latest vetted CPALMS resources published for their selected courses in a customizable widget that can be embedded anywhere on the web to share with fellow educators, parents, or students. Simply create a new widget in this app, specify the settings, obtain the embed code, and embed on a different website.

The content of these widgets is fully customizable for each widget. You can simply specify a particular course (e.g., Algebra 1), select that you only want the resources that are intended for students, and you will have a widget to embed that will only show resources for your Algebra 1 students. You can simply do the same for parents, by courses, by grades, by resource types (e.g., lesson plan, virtual manipulative, etc.), and by resource collections.

You can create an unlimited amount of widgets and they can be embedded on any website you have access to update it's HTML. You like to change the settings of a widget after you embed it? Not a problem, you can login to your Resource Widgets app and change the settings at anytime. Your widget will automatically sync the settings from your account and update accordingly without the need to re-embed your widget.

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App Example Widget

The following is an embedded widget created using the resource widgets app.