CPALMS Integrated STEM Lesson Development Program

The CPALMS Integrated STEM MEA Lesson Development Program provides professional development to K-12 educators on how to write high-quality integrated STEM lessons using Model-Eliciting Activities. The program consists of a mix of online and face-to-face instruction. Training is personalized, depending on participants’ subject area and grade level. 

Key benefits of the program

The Integrated STEM MEA Lesson Development Program has already benefitted hundreds of teachers across the state of Florida. The following quotes highlight some of these benefits.

Learning how to create interdisciplinary lessons
I will use MEA’s in my lesson planning this year. They are a great way to integrate other subject areas into a unit. - CPALMS Extreme Retreat MEA workshop participant

I learned a lot about MEAs. I love the way they can integrate subject areas and encourage higher level thinking and collaboration!” - Hillsborough K-5 summer workshop participant

Professional growth
Personal and professional growth. After twenty years of classroom experience this training has reinvigorated my thinking process toward how to go from concept to classroom.” - Volusia 6-12 summer workshop participant

Participation in this workshop was beneficial to me in that it will make me grow as a teacher. I have learned a very rigorous method of creating meaningful activities for my students and I am more aware of resources available through CPALMS.” - Miami-Dade 6-12 summer workshop participant

Increasing understanding of standards
I wrote lessons that incorporate math, science and/or language arts standards. Getting more familiar with the standards and how to integrate them is very helpful for a classroom teacher.” - Hillsborough K-5 summer workshop participant

Writing instruction with state standards and more effectively planning lessons for teachers.” - Miami-Dade 6-12 summer workshop participant

Using MEAs for teaching and learning
I learned what a model-eliciting activity is and how to plan and implement one. I think I will be more effective as a teacher and my students will benefit directly from this new knowledge.” - Volusia K-5 summer workshop participant

Planning to use the MEA's in my classroom directly and share them with other teachers in my department.” - Broward 6-12 MEA workshop participant


Program objectives

Following the Integrated STEM MEA Lesson Development Program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the purposes of MEAs and how they can be used in the classroom
  • Identify the main shifts in the mathematics and English/language arts standards
  • Choose a topic based on selected standards
  • Construct high-quality lesson components (e.g., assessment)
  • Construct a problem statement and twist that meets the six principles for an MEA
  • Create open-ended, grade-appropriate data
  • Write publication-quality MEA lessons for CPALMS
  • Review MEAs according to MEA and CPALMS lesson criteria
  • Use the CPALMS lesson planning tool to submit MEA lessons

Program incentives

  • Professional development in creating high-quality, standards-driven Model Eliciting Activities
  • Opportunity for participants to attain publication credits for their professional resumes with published MEA lesson plans
  • Develop lessons to use in your own classroom

How to get involved?

MEA workshops can be requested by schools or districts. Please click on the help icon above and contact us for more information about the program and associated costs.