Lesson Plan Development Initiative

CPALMS is committed to providing high-quality, standards-based instructional Resources. Our Lesson Plan Development Initiative (LPDI) is an ongoing effort to create excellent resources for our educators to use. Since LPDI started in 2012, thousands of lessons have been created and published. All our lessons are created by teachers and reviewed by peer educators and subject experts prior to making them available on CPALMS. The CPALMS team is constantly creating new lessons based on priorities set by funding, areas of need, etc. Thousands of teachers have participated in this initiative and created thousands of lessons available on CPALMS.

Example Lessons Created Under this CPALMS Initiative

Click here to access all the published Resource from LPDI . Once the Lesson Plan Development Initiative lessons are reviewed and published, the lessons become accessible on the related standard pages and inside the instructional planning tools available in iCPALMS.

Alternatively, here are some examples of the lessons produced by LPDI:

  Math Science ELA
Grades K-2 How Many?    Day and Night Sky  Text Detectives Investigate Meat Eating Plants
Grades 3-5 What Are They Thinking? Understanding Division Experiment of Investigation? Which Do Your Prefer? Understanding an Author's use of Text Features in a Non-Fiction Text
Grades 6-8 Designing a Skateboard Kicker Ramp Thirst of a Nation A Christmas Memory
Grades 9-12 Crafty Circumference Challenge Behavior of Gases: Disaster at Lake Nyos Show Me a Hero, and I Will Write You a Tragedy - F. Scott Fitzgerald - Part 1

The CPALMS Process - Working with Educators from Across the State

The process of creating lesson plans is built on working with educators and facilitators from districts across the state. The following are few testimonials from some LDPI facilitators and participants: