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CPALMS provides tools and a process for educators to share instructional and educational Resource. All Resource are submitted via online submission system and are rigorously reviewed by other educators and content specialists. Some of the key benefits to submit Resource to CPALMS are: 1) your resource will be reviewed by peer educators and subject area experts who will provide you feedback to improve your resource; 2) share Resource with everyone else; and 3) your name shows as the contributor and/or author.

Who is submitting to CPALMS?
  • Florida's educators
  • Educators from across the country
  • Higher education faculty and universities from within and outside of Florida
  • Non-profit and for profit organizations
  • Projects and grantees utilizing CPALMS as their platform
  • others

As of end of September 2012, more than 8,000 Resource have been submitted to CPALMS. While not all these are published yet, more than 2,150 have completed the review process and were approved. Lesson plans are the biggest category of Resource but CPALMS include many other types such as: 1) instructional unity plans; 2) lesson plans; 3) virtual manipulatives and games; 4) data sets; 5) professional development; etc...

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