CPALMS Beyond Standards

The CPALMS Beyond Standards video series serves to facilitate a deeper understanding and effective implementation of the K-5 mathematics standards for educators throughout the state.

As we explore the meaning behind the standards, strategies for instructional success, and student responses to various approaches, teachers have an opportunity to gain insight from leading researchers in education as well as hear directly from fellow teachers who are putting tried-and-true methods into practice in the field.

Spanning from Kindergarten through fifth grade, these videos are intended to lay out a solid foundation for effectively interpreting and implementing the standards to help guide our students to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

You have the choice to watch the videos one-by-one, as a playlist by grade band, or the entire series. Scroll down to view the list and get started.

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Special Thanks To...

  • Ms. Becky Pittard: Former CPALMS K-5 Math Coordinator, FCR-STEM/FSU
  • Dr. Akihiko Takahashi: Associate Professor of Math Education, DePaul University
  • Ms. Jeanne Wright: First Grade Teacher
  • Dr. Alice Gill: Co-author of American Federation of Teachers' Thinking Mathematics
  • Ms. Karen Lassiter: Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mr. Zachary Champagne: Researcher, FCR-STEM/FSU
  • Ms. Stephanie Hajdin: First Grade Teacher
  • Dr. Tad Watanabe: Associate Professor of Math Education, Kennessaw State University
  • Ms. Jilian Seybert: Third Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Heather Williams: Fifth Grade Teacher
  • Ms. Linda Gojak: President of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
  • Ms. Amy Spies: Fourth Grade Teacher
And to...
  • Ms. Tabinda Syed: CPALMS Media Coordinator
  • Mr. Austin Briggs: CPALMS Videographer/Editor
  • Mr. Tom Cruz: CPALMS Motion Graphics Designer
  • Mr. David Fermin: CPALMS Videographer
  • Mr. Rhett Coleman: CPALMS Videographer
  • Mr. Rabieh Razzouk: CPALMS Director and Acting Director of FCR-STEM at FSU