MA.4.G.3.3Archived Standard

Select and use appropriate units, both customary and metric, strategies, and measuring tools to estimate and solve real-world area problems.
Subject Area: X-Mathematics (former standards - 2008)
Grade: 4
Body of Knowledge: Geometry
Idea: Level 2: Basic Application of Skills & Concepts
Big Idea: BIG IDEA 3 - Develop an understanding of area and determine the area of two-dimensional shapes.
Date Adopted or Revised: 09/07
Date of Last Rating: 06/07
Status: State Board Approved - Archived
Assessed: Yes


Students should recognize that the area of a piece of paper might be measured in square inches, the area of a room might be measured in square feet, and the area of a large piece of land might be measured in square miles. Alternately, these measurements might be in square centimeters, square meters, and square kilometers, respectively.


Example: Students find the area of a composite shape. An L-shaped region may be decomposed into rectangular regions.


Example: Find the area of the polygon in the picture. Explain or show how you found the area.



  • Item Type(s): This benchmark may be assessed using: MC , GR item(s)

  • Clarification :
    Students will find the area of a rectangle by multiplying the base by the height.

    Students will solve problems involving the area of a rectangle or a composite shape composed of adjacent rectangles, such as L- or E-shaped figures.

    Students will select appropriate units and/or tools to estimate and/or solve real-world area problems, (e.g., recognize that the area of a room is expressed as square feet, compared to an area of land expressed in square miles or kilometers).
  • Content Limits :
    Items may include figures with whole-number dimensions of 100 or fewer units.

    Items will not include the formula for area of a rectangle.
  • Stimulus Attributes :
    Items may be on a grid, but this is not required.

    Graphics should be used in most items.

    Students may be required to use a ruler to measure the dimensions of a figure to determine its area.
  • Response Attributes :
    Responses may include incorrect units of measurement.


  • Test Item #: Sample Item 1
  • Question: Mr. Hanson is getting new carpet in his classroom. Which is the best estimate of the total amount of carpet needed to cover the entire floor of a classroom?
  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Type: MC: Multiple Choice

  • Test Item #: Sample Item 2
  • Question: Lana bought a patch in the shape of an “L” to sew onto the back of her denim jacket. The size of the patch is shown below.

    L shape 

    Using the provided ruler, what is the area, in square centimeters, of Lana’s patch?
  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Type: GR: Gridded-Response