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General Information
Related Benchmark: MAFS.7.EE.2.4
Reporting Category: Expressions & Equations
Type: GRID: Graphic Response Item Display
Difficulty: N/A

This question has three parts.

Vanessa has added 40 gallons of water to her new fish pond in her backyard and wants to add more water. Her pond can hold a maximum of 256 gallons. Her garden hose can add 48 gallons of water in 2 minutes.

Part A. Create an inequality to represent the number of minutes, m, Vanessa could run the garden hose to add more water to the pond without adding the maximum amount in case of rain.

Part B. Drag the appropriate arrow and circle to the number line to graph the solution to the inequality from Part A.

Part C. Select all the amounts of time, in minutes, that Vanessa could leave the house running.


Answer Options:

Part C


A. 7 minutes

B. 7.5 minutes

C. 9 minutes

D. 9.75 minutes

E. 10.3 minutes

F. 12 minutes