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Related Benchmark: SC.912.N.1.1
Reporting Category: Nature of Science
Type: MC: Multiple Choice
Difficulty: N/A

An osmosis investigation was conducted using chicken eggs to represent cells with semipermeable membranes. The mass of each egg was measured to determine how much water diffused into or out of the eggs. The eggs were first soaked in vinegar to dissolve the shell. Each egg was then placed in one of three different solutions for 24 hours. The table below shows the results of the investigation.

Table with the results of investigation

Based on this experiment, which of the following should be inferred about cells with semipermeable membranes?

Answer Options:

A. Substances other than water may also cross the cell membrane.
B. Substances other than water may block pores in the cell membrane.
C. Water enters the cell when placed in environments of high water concentration.
D. Water leaves the cell when placed in environments with a low concentration of solutes.

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