Sample Test Item Preview

  • Related Benchmark: MAFS.912.A-SSE.2.3
  • Reporting Category: Algebra: Seeing Structure in Expressions
  • Type: SHT: Selectable Hot Text
  • Difficulty: N/A
  • Question:

    Sue removes the plug from a trough to drain the water inside. The volume, in gallons, in the trough after it has been unplugged can be modeled by 4t²-32t+63, where t is time, in minutes.

    A. Click on the correct property that will give Sue the amount of time it takes the trough to drain.

    B. Click on the expression that will reveal the property.

  • Answer Options:


    • minimum
    • maximum
    • y-intercept
    • zero


    • 4(0)²-32(0)+63
    • (2t-7)(2t-9)
    • 4(t-4)²-1
    • 4(t-8)²+47
  • Answer Key:
    A. Zero, B. (2t-7)(2t-9)