Access Language Arts - Kindergarten    (#7710011)

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General Notes

Access Courses: Access courses are intended only for students with a significant cognitive disability. Access courses are designed to provide students with access to the general curriculum. Access points reflect increasing levels of complexity and depth of knowledge aligned with grade-level expectations. The access points included in access courses are intentionally designed to foster high expectations for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Access points in the subject areas of science, social studies, art, dance, physical education, theatre, and health provide tiered access to the general curriculum through three levels of access points (Participatory, Supported, and Independent). Access points in English language arts and mathematics do not contain these tiers, but contain Essential Understandings (or EUs). EUs consist of skills at varying levels of complexity and are a resource when planning for instruction.

General Information

Course Number: 7710011
Course Path:
Abbreviated Title: ACCESS LANG ART - K
Course Length: Year (Y)
Course Status: Course Approved

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Student Resources

Vetted resources students can use to learn the concepts and skills in this course.

Original Student Tutorials

The Best Pet:

Learn to identify the reasons an author gives to support points in a text in this pet-themed, interactive tutorial.

Type: Original Student Tutorial

The Magical Library :

Help a wizard name the author and illustrator of a storybook or informational book with this interactive tutorial. You’ll also learn the jobs of the author and illustrator in telling the story and presenting ideas or information in a text.

Type: Original Student Tutorial

Playground Fun: Storybooks and Poems:

Learn to recognize storybooks and poems and identify their differences with this interactive tutorial. 

Type: Original Student Tutorial

Buzzing Details:

Help Bobby the beekeeper answer questions about key details in nonfiction text with this interactive tutorial.

Type: Original Student Tutorial

Building Meaning:

Join Handy Hal and learn strategies for understanding new words in this interactive tutorial.

Type: Original Student Tutorial

"Beary" Good Details:

Join Baby Bear to answer questions about key details in his favorite stories with this interactive tutorial.

Type: Original Student Tutorial

Capitalization Invasion:

Learn how to capitalize the first word in a sentence with this interactive tutorial. You will also be able to capitalize the pronoun “I” when used in a sentence.

Type: Original Student Tutorial

The Preposition Factory:

Learn how to identify special words called prepositions that help you describe where a person or object is located. By the end of this interactive tutorial, you should also be able to use these special words to complete sentences.

Type: Original Student Tutorial


ABC Alphabet:

How many letters do you know? Each letter activity has a different game to play which will help you learn the sounds of the letters in the ABC's. Come practice and learn all of the capital and lower case letters in the alphabet.

Type: Tutorial

Parent Resources

Vetted resources caregivers can use to help students learn the concepts and skills in this course.