Identify the form of a simple piece of music.


e.g., AB, ABA, call-and-response
General Information
Subject Area: Music
Grade: 2
Big Idea: Organizational Structure
Status: State Board Approved

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Related Access Points

Alternate version of this benchmark for students with significant cognitive disabilities.
MU.2.O.1.In.b: Identify similarities and differences in melodic phrases and/or rhythm patterns.
MU.2.O.1.Pa.a: Respond to a variety of music.
MU.2.O.1.Su.a: Demonstrate awareness of beat and rhythm.

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Lesson Plans


Through singing, instrument play, and movement students will practice identifying AB form of a sea chantey used for the Capstan.

Type: Lesson Plan

Easily Examining Musical Elements:

Students will work together in groups to examine the melody, rhythm, and form of a set of songs.

Type: Lesson Plan

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