Identify, visually and aurally, pitched and unpitched classroom instruments.


e.g., rhythm sticks, woodblock, xylophone, metallophone, autoharp
General Information
Subject Area: Music
Grade: K
Big Idea: Critical Thinking and Reflection
Status: State Board Approved

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Alternate version of this benchmark for students with significant cognitive disabilities.
MU.K.C.1.In.c: Distinguish between singing, speaking, and whispering voices.
MU.K.C.1.Pa.a: Attend to sounds from various sources.
MU.K.C.1.Su.c: Explore sounds from various sound sources.

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Lesson Plan

See, Hear, and Play Instruments:

This lesson provides endless ways to introduce instruments to the students along with their similarities/differences. The focus could be on just classroom instruments for the playing activities, but the discussions can include any possible instrument.

Type: Lesson Plan

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