Utilize timelines to identify and discuss American History time periods.
General Information
Subject Area: Social Studies
Grade: 5
Strand: American History
Date Adopted or Revised: 02/14
Status: State Board Approved

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Alternate version of this benchmark for students with significant cognitive disabilities.
SS.5.A.1.AP.2: Sequence events to match dates on a timeline about American history.

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Lesson Plans

Abraham Lincoln: Life of Honesty: A Time(line) of Freedom:

This is lesson #7 in the text unit series for Abraham Lincoln: A Life of Honesty by Tonya Leslie. After a read aloud students will use the text to create a timeline of Lincoln’s presidency as it relates to the abolition of slavery.

This unit will help students explain why the United States Constitution is an important document that protects the rights of American citizens, the responsibilities of the United States government, and how Abraham Lincoln is an important symbol of the United States Government.

Students will engage in a read aloud spread out over several lessons emphasizing vocabulary, central idea, research, expository and opinion writing, and collaboration in groups.

The teacher will facilitate vocabulary instruction, student research, determination of central ideas, student presentation, expository and opinion writing, and group collaboration to help students demonstrate why the United States Constitution is an important document.

This resource uses a book that is on the Florida Department of Education's reading list. This book is not provided with this resource.

Type: Lesson Plan

When Change Is Needed :

In this lesson students will examine the reasons why the United States Constitution includes the amendment process. Students will identify what it means to amend the U.S. Constitution and the number of times it has been amended across the course of history. Students will also identify amendments to the U.S. Constitution by examining various periods in history that resulted in the passage of constitutional amendments.


Type: Lesson Plan

Who Represents Florida? - The Senate :

In this lesson plan, students will review the legislative branch and learn about the history of the Senate. Students will look at the term length of senators, as well as the duties and authority of the Senate.  Students will then identify 4 senators that have represented and served Florida at the national level, across the course of history, through the development and completion of a timeline.


Type: Lesson Plan

The Beginning of A Revolution:

In this lesson students learn about the American Revolution. Students will be required to use two or more texts to summarize information some aspect of the American Revolution as well as create a timeline of important events leading up to the Revolutionary War.

Type: Lesson Plan

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