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General Information
Related Benchmark: SC.5.L.17.1
Reporting Category: Life Science
Type: MC: Multiple Choice
Difficulty: N/A
Loggerhead sea turtles are large turtles that live in the ocean and nest on the Florida coast. The female loggerhead sea turtle lays more than 100 eggs in the beach sand. How is laying so many eggs an important adaptation that helps these turtles to survive?
Answer Options:
A. Large nests of eggs help keep the eggs warm enough to allow more turtles to hatch.
B. If many turtles hatch, they can help defend each other against predators in large numbers.
C. The more eggs that are laid, the greater the chance that more turtles will live to become adults.
D. A large number of eggs in one place makes it possible for the mother to lie on the eggs until they hatch.
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