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General Information
Related Benchmark: SC.8.N.1.1
Reporting Category: Nature of Science
Type: MC: Multiple Choice
Difficulty: N/A
Keesha did an experiment to study the rate of photosynthesis in the water plant Elodea. She placed a piece of Elodea in a beaker of water and set the beaker 10 centimeters (cm) from a light source. Keesha counted the bubbles released from the plant every minute for five minutes (min). She repeated the process two more times. First, she moved the light to 20 cm from the beaker, and then she moved the light to 30 cm from the beaker. Keesha’s setup and data are shown below.

what is the outcome variable (dependent variable) in this experiment?
Answer Options:
A. the number of bubbles produced
B. the type of plant placed in the beaker
C. the distance of the light source from the plant
D. the amount of time the bubbles were counted
Answer Key: