Middle School Chemistry Unit | Chapter 6 | Chemical Change

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Subject(s): Science
Grade Level(s): 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
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Instructional Time: 4 Hour(s)
Resource supports reading in content area:Yes
Freely Available: Yes
Keywords: chemistry, physical science, 5E lesson plan
Resource Collection: iCPALMS

Aligned Standards

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Aligned Access Points

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Observe and classify changes in matter as physical (reversible) or chemical (irreversible).

Observe and recognize physical changes in matter as able to change back (reversible), such as water to ice, and chemical changes of matter as unable to change back (irreversible), such as cake to cake batter.

Recognize that heat influences changes (chemical) in matter, such as cooking.

Observe and identify how temperature influences chemical changes.

Observe and recognize changes caused by heat on substances.

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