Whose Land is This?

Resource ID#: 164618 Type: Tutorial

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General Information

Subject(s): Social Studies
Grade Level(s): 11
Intended Audience: Students
Suggested Technology: Computers for Students, Internet Connection, Speakers/Headphones
Instructional Time: 30 Minute(s)
Resource supports reading in content area:Yes
Keywords: U.S. History, grade 11, tutorial, Westward Expansion, Native Americans, Homestead Act, Indian wars, Kicking Bird, Crazy Horse, George Armstrong Custer, Custer's Last Stand, Nez Perce, Chief Joseph, Wounded Knee, Ellis Island, Jacob Riis, Chinese Exclusion Act, Know-Nothing Party, Yick Wo v. Hopkins
Instructional Component Type(s): Tutorial Image/Photograph Text Resource
Resource Collection: Social Studies - U.S. History Existing Student Tutorials

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