Light Energy

Resource ID#: 13450 Type: Unit/Lesson Sequence

General Information

Subject(s): Science
Grade Level(s): 3
Intended Audience: Educators educators
Suggested Technology: Overhead Projector
Instructional Time: 2 Hour(s) 30 Minute(s)
Keywords: light, energy, heat, sun
Instructional Component Type(s): Unit/Lesson Sequence Image/Photograph
Instructional Design Framework(s): Confirmation Inquiry (Level 1), Learning Cycle (e.g., 5E)
Resource Collection: Orange County Public Schools

Aligned Standards

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Aligned Access Points

This vetted resource aligns to concepts or skills in these access points.

Ask questions, explore, observe, and identify outcomes.

Ask literal questions, explore, observe, and share information.

Work with a group to make observations and identify results.

Recognize forms of energy, such as light, heat, electrical, and energy of motion.

Identify that light may come from different sources, such as the Sun or electric lamp.

Recognize examples of sources of light, such as the Sun or a flashlight.

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