Show Your Citizenship!

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Subject(s): Social Studies
Grade Level(s): 7, 8
Intended Audience: Students
Instructional Time: 30 Minute(s)
Keywords: obligations, responsibilities, voting, jury, 14th Amendment, tutorial, citizen, citizenship, trial by jury, Selective Service, rights, community service, taxes, interactive, tutorials, elearning, e-learning, civics, jury duty, naturalization, civic duty
Instructional Component Type(s): Original Student Tutorial

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Suggested Tutorials

Trial by Jury: You Decide!:

In this interactive tutorial, simulate the experience of serving on a jury and deciding a case!  Learn all about trial by jury and why it's such an important part of our society, as well as an obligation of citizenship.  

Finding Civic Solutions:

This interactive tutorial will help you answer the questions: What can individuals do on their own to make change? When can your government help you?  To which government can you turn?  Learn about responsible citizenship and how you might make positive changes in your own community. 

Citizenship: It All Starts Here!:

In this interactive tutorial, you'll learn all about citizenship in the United States of America: what citizenship is, why some Americans have citizenship from birth, and how others became U.S. citizens through a process called naturalization.


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