Get More of the Scoop: Analyzing Text and Video Accounts of a Subject

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Subject(s): English Language Arts
Grade Level(s): 9, 10
Intended Audience: Students
Keywords: Grades 9-10, Gettysburg Address, English Language Arts, Compare and Contrast, Subjects in different mediums, Subjects in different formats, emphasized details, mentioned details, details, reading for information, text, , Abraham Lincoln, videos, interactive, tutorials, elearning, e-learning, reading, viewing
Instructional Component Type(s): Original Student Tutorial

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Our Mothers’ Gardens: An Account in Two Mediums:

Learn about author Alice Walker and the influence and legacy of her mother, Minnie Lou Tallulah Grant. In this interactive English Language Arts tutorial, you’ll read excerpts from “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens,” an essay written by Alice Walker. You’ll also watch a video titled “A Black Writer in the South,” which highlights important aspects of Alice Walker’s childhood. You'll also analyze various accounts of a subject, in this case, the influence and legacy of Alice Walker’s mother, as told through two different mediums: text and video.

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