Holy Jumping Earthworms, Batman!

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General Information

Subject(s): English Language Arts, Science
Grade Level(s): 6, 7, 8
Intended Audience: Educators educators
Instructional Time: 2 Hour(s)
Resource supports reading in content area:Yes
Keywords: earthworm, decomposer, ecosystem, invasive species, Asian jumping worm, text complexity, informational text
Resource Collection: STEM Reading Resources

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Lesson Plan

Energy Transfer with Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers:

Students learn about producer, consumers, and decomposers while playing a game. After the game student's will work in groups to create food webs that show how energy is transferred though an ecosystem.


Type: Lesson Plan


Antarctic Evidence:

Click "View Site" to open a full-screen version. This tutorial is designed to help secondary science teachers learn how to integrate literacy skills within their science curriculum. This tutorial focuses on using specific textual evidence to support students' responses as they analyze science texts. The focus on literacy across content areas is designed to help students independently build knowledge in different disciplines through reading and writing.

Type: Tutorial



This video segment from Interactive NOVA: "Earth" describes the role of decomposers in the living world. We've all been victimized by decomposers: Lettuce rots; bread becomes moldy. Bacteria and fungi often consume our food before we have a chance to. However, if we stop to consider the important work that decomposers do, we may be a little less disgruntled by their presence.

Type: Video/Audio/Animation