Standard 6: Growth and Westward Expansion

General Information
Number: SS.5.A.6
Title: Growth and Westward Expansion
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 5
Strand: American History

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Access Points

Recognize that the Louisiana Purchase made the United States twice its original size.
Recognize significant people in the westward expansion of the United States.
Identify an advancement with transportation and communication in America during the 1800s.
Recognize significant exploration achievements west of the Mississippi River.
Recognize that America fought England in the War of 1812.
Recognize the westward expansion impacted Native Americans.
Identify Manifest Destiny with westward expansion.
Identify one cause and one effect of the Missouri Compromise.
Identify hardships settlers faced as they moved west.

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Lesson Plans

The Seal, Bill, Song, and Proclamation: Recognizing Symbols of the United States :

In this lesson plan, students will explain how the Great Seal, Bill of Rights, Star-Spangled Banner, and Emancipation Proclamation represent the United States. Students will create their own symbols to represent themselves.

Type: Lesson Plan

To Oregon by Wagon:

Students work in teams to plan the contents of a covered wagon for a family relocating from Missouri to Oregon. Students must calculate the weight and cost of the wagon by adding, subtracting, and multiplying with decimals.

Type: Lesson Plan

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