Standard 1: Understand the fundamental concepts relevant to the development of a market economy.

General Information
Number: SS.7.E.1
Title: Understand the fundamental concepts relevant to the development of a market economy.
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 7
Strand: Economics

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Access Points

Identify major characteristics of market and mixed economies.
Identify differences in borrowing and lending money, including the use of credit.
Identify examples of supply and demand, choice, scarcity, and opportunity cost.
Identify the function of accounts and services provided by banks or other financial institutions.
Identify that profit and incentives motivate people and businesses to work harder.
Identify the differences and similarities in the national budget process to the personal budget process.

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Lesson Plans

Global Economic Systems:

Students will rotate through country stations that demonstrate the economic systems of capitalism, communism, and socialism.  They will analyze characteristics of each country to determine its economic system and compare those to characteristics of the United States. Students will explain how free markets advantage the United States. 

Type: Lesson Plan

Lifting the Standard of Living: Capitalism and the Free Market:

In this lesson plan, students will be introduced to different economic systems. Through collaborative learning, students will explore economic system scenarios and complete a written response to show their understanding of the various economic systems, and which one provides the best opportunity for economic prosperity.

Type: Lesson Plan

Show Me the Money: Capitalism, Socialism, Communism:

The lesson begins with students exploring the terms economic freedom and standard of living in a group discussion.  Students will complete graphic organizers about capitalism, socialism, and communism as they learn via a provided PowerPoint presentation.  Students will reflect in writing on the advantages of capitalism and the free market. 

Type: Lesson Plan

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