Standard 1: Market Economy

General Information
Number: SS.5.E.1
Title: Market Economy
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 5
Strand: Economics

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Access Points

Recognize how trade promoted growth in pre-Columbian times to 1850.
Identify a characteristic of a market economy in colonial America.
Recognize major inventions during the early development of the United States.

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Lesson Plan

Inventions and Innovations MEA:

Inventive minds have persisted throughout history. Inventors have improved our lives with inventions created out of a desire to solve a problem or make the quality of peoples' lives better. Our president is concerned that we are not keeping up with other countries in the area of engineering and inventive thinking. Why is this? As students explore famous inventions from around the world throughout history, they will decide what the best inventions of all time are and support their opinion with strong reasons.

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