Standard 1: Beginning Economics

General Information
Number: SS.2.E.1
Title: Beginning Economics
Type: Standard
Subject: Social Studies
Grade: 2
Strand: Economics

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Access Points

Identify choices that people make with the availability of fewer resources.
Recognize that goods and services fill a need (demand).
Recognize that some goods come from other countries.
Identify a benefit of saving and spending.

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Lesson Plan

Why People Form Governments:

The purpose of this lesson is for students to explain why people form governments and the role laws play in the government. Students will be asked to use scenarios to identify the impact government has on their daily lives, including the assistance the government offers to unfair supply and demand price-gauging during a state of emergency. 

Type: Lesson Plan

Unit/Lesson Sequence

Building a Community:

This is a Project Based Learning Unit that includes research for community members and citizens. It also includes making and analyzing arrays, and making a presentation. 

Type: Unit/Lesson Sequence

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